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Lost i phone

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I forgot my I phone in the front seay pocket of fliggt 2132 on oct 16 2018 come from phoenix to san diego it has all my children's photos and most sadly my father past away and all his pictures got burned down in  a fire, I had a few last pictures of him in my phone)

 Claim number 1481222 , I did remember during baggage claim and they said they already boarded to go to Denver, please I would appreciate southwest to do their best because those are my father's last and only memories I have, he passed away from a long and hard battle with cancer and was my only parent.


Re: Lost i phone

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If you have any record of the serial number that will be a big help if the phone is turned into lost and found. 


Also do you know if you can use "Find my iphone" or was the phone left in airplane mode?


If you use the iCloud service you may have copies of the photos there. I also back up to Google photos personally as a second backup.



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