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Lost iPad on Flight from MCO to MDW

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Hello, on Tuesday late night, I flew from MCO to MDW. I believe I left my iPad on the plane. I marked the iPad as lost or stolen in my Apple Account. Today, I looked at the iPad's location - and it looks like it is at a FedEx Ship Center in the Chicago area. I filed a report with Southwest about the missing iPad. Does Southwest usually ship lost property via FedEx? Do you all think it is going to a Lost & Found location? Or, did they somehow find my home address? I added the serial number in my lost report - so I am hoping that will help me get united with my iPad. Does anyone else have a similar experience - or can offer advice from something you all have lost? Thanks!


Re: Lost iPad on Flight from MCO to MDW

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You've done the best thing possible, filing a report with a serial number. You should be able to follow the status of your claim online and will see if your item has been recovered. Good luck. 



Re: Lost iPad on Flight from MCO to MDW

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Sorry to hear you lost your iPad on your recent trip. 


Here's a simple explanation on how lost items are handled by Southwest to my knowledge:


Once Southwest finds an item that a passenger left on a plane Southwest sends that item to a central lost and found facility in Alabama (this could be done via FedEx). Once there the team then processes the item the search begins. This can be a long or quick process depending on how many reports are similar to yours. Best advice would be to give as much information as you can in your lost item report that you file with Southwest (serial number or anything that would stand out on your item compared to someone else's)  once they find the matching report they will reach out to you to start the return process and hopefully your item will be back in your possession quickly. 


Since you filed the report your now just begining  the waiting game so just be patient and hopefully they will be able to reunite you with your iPad soon. Also if there is anything that you think would help southwest know that a certain iPad is yours be sure you add those details to the lost and found report.