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Lost iPad

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If anyone found an iPad3 in an orange case in the seat back of a plane around row 14 to 17 please contact me. I left mine behind yesterday and so sad. It is old in technology years, but I use it constantly. I was on flight 3199 from Nashille to Washington DC.  We landed around 12:30 PM EST. and I did not realize I was without it until later in the day. I am praying someone found it and turned it into baggage claim. I also filed a lost and found report online last night but saw some other posts for successful lost and found so thought I would give it a shot. Thanks! SenoritaSavage


Re: Lost iPad

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sorry to to hear that you left your iPad on the plane


be sure to fill out the lost and found form on if you have not done so already 


I hope your iPad is found


happy travels


Re: Lost iPad

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Hi Senorita Savage,

I understand how you feel.  My grandson left his iPad in the seat back pouch too.  I filed the lost report immediately.  Today, 16 days later, his ipad was returned to him.


It may take a while, but don't lose hope.