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Lost iPad

Explorer C

I left my iPad on a flight from Baltimore to okc on 8/29. It was the last flight in and I called about 2 hours later  

When I realize I left it on the plane..and the lady said the planes were locked and no one turned anything in. I told her exactly where my iPad was because I was reading on it when we were told that we were landing in to put our electronic devices away so I stuck it in the back of the seat. Told  me to call back in the am. I called  first thing and no one answered so I left a voicemail. Someone called me back hours later and said the plane was on the way to Dallas and to call there and so I did and no one found anything. The Flight wasnt full and we were sitting towards the back And there was only two other passengers behind us when we were leaving. So I don’t know what the cleaning protocol is when everyone leaves an airplane but either way south with employee or cleaning people found my iPad and never returned it!  Not only that but they Turned off my iPad which still had 45% left on it so I couldn’t track it! 

The iPad belongs to my daughter and was a gift from her dad and I was borrowing it. It’s an older model and i don’t understand why anyone would want to steal it. Southwest lost and found was so nonchalant about it and I wonder how many other items remain in their possession without returning. 


Re: Lost iPad

Aviator A

Sorry to hear about the lost iPad.  If you haven't yet, you should file a report online even though you already called.

Unless your iPad was a cellular capable model and wasn't in airplane mode the tracking function of the iPad isn't going to work so don't take that as a sign that someone turned it off or did anything improper with it.  Sometimes these lost and found items take some time to get sorted out, hopefully yours just needs a little more time.  If someone did take it and it connects to a wireless network then you would be able to track it so you might keep trying that too.