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Lost item disaster

New Arrival

My daughter traveled with a school group to NY & DC this week & left her phone in the seat back pocket. I have tried to contact people relentlessly. I filed a lost & found claim with the airline & airport, spoke with customer service who only offered me to fill out that form & I have called baggage at the departing & arriving airports. They say they will check the managers office & call back (both yesterday & today). Her 400 photos from her trip are on it & we are devastated & getting nowhere. 


Re: Lost item disaster

Retired Community Manager

Hi @steph0717,


Lost item posts are always tough. I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter lost all the photos from her trip to NY and DC. Filling out the lost and found claim is the best step you can take (and I see that you've already done it). If we're able to identify your item in our inventory, we'll reach out to you. 


Re: Lost item disaster

New Arrival

The concern being we know where the item was left. Incredibly disappointing- we wonder if the location we felt it was left was even checked. 

Re: Lost item disaster

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It's always frustrating when you lose something. If it was found by or turned into Southwest, they generally do a pretty good job of reuniting lost items to their owners, but it can take time.


Most smart phones have a "find my phone" feature, have you tried locating it?


Also, is her camera or gallery app connected to the cloud?