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Re: Lost my confirmation number for travel funds

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One other way to look your confirmation code up even on cancelled flights.  Not sure why the SWA person didn't suggest rather than just thank the one person that suggested calling.


Go to My Account and then to Recent Activity.  It will show all acitivity including cancelled flights, refunded miles, etc. along with your confirmation code.  Ironically, it does NOT show travel fund credits.


I agree that SWA does not make this particular process easy.  There is no reason you should not automatically see all your travel fund credits on My Account when you log in.  This is clearly a business decision hoping that a certain amount of travle funds will lapse.  If they can show that much detail on my "recent activity", they can list all the travel funds available.  I have been an A List Preferred customer as well as achieving Companion fare status for four years straight and that doesn't feel like the SWA philosophy that I get with everything else.



I think that almost everyone would like to see Southwest have a place where travelers xould find all of their available travel funds.


When you say "There is no reason you should not automatically see all your travel fund credits on My Account when you log in"  there actually may be a reason. We have no idea how complicated it may be to buid a computer interface to capture all credits, a database to store them, and then revise the My Account webpage to provide access, As others have said, Southwest probably does not have the best IT department.


I really don't think the company is intentionally encouraging the loss of travel funds, but I do not know that for a fact. IMO Southwest is an honarable company, and encouraging the loss of travel funds is not something an honorable company would do.


Until the company provides the feature you seek, we should be responsible for our own actions, and simply save information we get from the company about unused travel funds. It really is that simple.

You can't be serious.  This would be an extremely easy thing for them to do.  I'm sorry for being a jerk, but don't be naive.  They don't want you to find your credits.  It really is that simple.


But you are right, we should be responsible because Southwest Airlines wants to screw us out of our credits so it's up to us to ensure they don't do so.

  If Southwest wanted to "screw you" out of your travel credits, it would do what United, Delta and American do. It would deduct  $200  from travel funds EVERY TIME you tried to  use travel funds from a changed or canceled  flight. It would be quite simple.


Those $180 travel funds? Poof, they're gone. Those $240 travel funds? They're worth $40.


Instead SW lets every person who takes responsibility keep every penny of their travel funds.


So what's keeping you from acting responsibly?

Re: Lost my confirmation number for travel funds

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There really is no excuse for travel funds to not be tracked and associated online.  Its a VERY SIMPLE database call that would be tied to a RR#.  When trying to apply funds, a list of funds by expiration date and amount should populate. 


The fact that this feature is not an option is simple proof that Southwest uses customer misfortunes as a profit center.


I travel nearly every week on SW.  They are the best carrier for me.  But this policy is a blackeye on an otherwise "TRANSFARECY" carrier.