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Lousy Customer Service

Explorer C

I tried to book a trip and when I went to pay, the system said that the flights could not be confirmed.  There was no delay between the time I selected everything and wanted to pay.  So, I called, but it was after 9 p.m. and the wait times were 60 minutes (I did not know that the Customer Service was closed by this time.  So, I followed the advice on the phone message and sent an email on the 24th.  Two days later (the 26) and still no reply.   I finally am home early enough to call again and I get Joseph on the line, he tells me that all the information I had on the itinerary is wrong. In fact, although I have the window open with flight numbers on it, those flights DO NOT EXIST!!!  That the price is now $800 more.  I said that I tried to book this trip two days ago, but could not. I have all the paperwork to show it.  He said no one can go back and change the price.  I finally asked to talk to a supervisor and waited.  After being on hold for about 10 minutes, the phone rang and guess who I got?  JOSEPH!!!!  How disappointing that Southwest tells you to book online (but you can't), call us (but it is too late), send us an email (no response) and then when you finally are home and call (they give you the run around).   Please keep in mind that the exact statement was "We're sorry, the flights on your vacation package could not be confirmed.  Please try again (which I did) or select different flights (I wanted the flights I had selected both times).  For assistance, please call our Customer Care team at 1-800-243-8372.


Re: Lousy Customer Service

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your experience.


We’re you trying to book on or booking through southwest vacations? If you were booking through southwest vacations that is not actually run by Southwest instead I believe it is a company called Apple reality (or something like that) that customers service number is very limited in what it can do. 


I woukd try contacting customer relations at 855-234-4654 or reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter for the fastest response. 


With flight numbers not existing it is possible because southwest just did schedule revisions the last couple days so a flight that existed last week may be no more today.