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Luggage in Transit

Explorer C

On my lost luggage profile it now says “in transit”.  Does that mean it’s being sent back to me, sent to the warehouse in Atlanta (it’s been 5 days), or it’s going to NY?  My friend said all luggage is going to NY before it gets sent back to the owner.  Anybody else’s hear this?


Re: Luggage in Transit

Aviator A

That's a new one. Not sure I understand why they would do that. It just shows you that no one really has all the information so you'll probably just need to wait and see what happens. 



Re: Luggage in Transit

Explorer C

I can't even get ahold of southwest. How did you file a Claim????? Desperate. They had my luggage for 6 days and I am on hold for 5 hrs then it hangs up everyday!