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Luggage is where??

New Arrival

Flight was canceled, understand it was due to weather.  Waited 8+ hours at airport,after cancelation, for our luggage.  1 of the 8 bags was returned. All the others went to Orlando. How do they go on a canceled flight? 8+ hours wasted, we could have driven to the destination but thanks to long delay we couldn't mage to our destination in time. In turn we lost $4800 because of this fiasco and still don't have our luggage. 


Re: Luggage is where??

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear that.


Your bags could have gone out on a different flight to TPA - one that you could not be put on.

If that flight left earlier than the flight you were supposed to be on, the bag handlers probably saw the TPA bag tag and the bags went out on the earlier flight.


I'd advise that you complain to the airline asking for compensation. you won't get $4800 but you might get vouchers good for future travel worth several hundred dollars.