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Luv Voucher Policy

New Arrival

Looking at purchase an "anytime" fare using a luv voucher and a credit card for the difference. If I need to cancel is the portion purchased with a credit card fully refundable? I understand the portion purchased with a luv voucher will be returned as travel credit.


Re: Luv Voucher Policy

Top Contributor

Yes.  If you have problems with it when you cancel you can contact Southwest:


If your reservation is no longer active or you canceled a refundable fare that was converted into flight credit and you would like a refund instead:
Call us at 1-800-435-9792

Write our Refunds Department:
Southwest Airlines
Refunds Department
P.O. Box 36649
Dallas, Texas 75235-1649



Re: Luv Voucher Policy

Top Contributor

To be clear, you will have to contact Southwest to request the refund. Upon cancellation the full amount will be converted to travel funds. Once you reach out they'll refund the refundable portion.