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Luv Vouchers Southwest Vacations

New Arrival

A year ago we booked a flight and hotel through Southwest Vacations and the entire trip was a nightmare and we received very poor customer service. After hours spent talking to numerous different people on the phone we received two Luv Vouchers and two credits from Southwest Vacations. We were informed we could use the two together but in reading the fine print the Southwest Vacations credits can only be used when booking a flight and hotel together and the Luv Vouchers can only be used for flights.


Is there a way around this? If we book dummy flights with the vouchers and cancel can we use the credited funds towards a Southwest Vacations pacakage?


Re: Luv Vouchers Southwest Vacations

Top Contributor

Southwest Vacations doesn't accept LUV vouchers, but as you've noted, it's possible to book "dummy" flights on Southwest and then cancel, and use the resultant Travel Funds towards the airfare portion of your Southwest Vacations booking. Southwest Vacations (which is actually Mark Travel, a completely separate company from Southwest Airlines) only recently started accepting Southwest travel funds, so you might want to check with them regarding any limitations or conditions. Also, keep in mind that when you apply the vouchers the new reservation (and those funds once you cancel) will take on the expiration of the vouchers (all travel must be completed by that date), and also that the travel funds will be only usable by the passengers named in the "dummy" booking you make. If you were given the vouchers and credit a year ago, it may be approaching expiration quickly (or are already expired). Good luck.