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Luv voucher

Explorer C

Tried applying three love vouchers to my total only one was fully taken the other took about 80% and the other voucher was not taken at all


Re: Luv voucher

Aviator A

I'm not sure what you  just said.


The rule is that SW will accept no more than 3 forms of payment to buy one ticket.


If the 3 vouchers together were less than the price of the ticket you wanted to buy , then the transaction would not go thru. You would have had to remove one of the vouchers and use a credit or debit card for the balance instead.

Re: Luv voucher

Frequent Flyer C

voucher doesn't  cover tax.  

Re: Luv voucher

Aviator A

Great point that LUV vouchers don’t cover tax 


the way around this is book a flight with 2 vouchers and pay the taxes then cancel immediately after booking and request a refund for the taxes the LUV voucher will become a travel fund that will cover the taxes when you go to book the flight you want.