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Mask Excemption

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Hello, I need help, I send all my son paperwork for a mask excemption a month ago for our upcoming trip to PR on november, my son is level 3 autistic, i send his diagnosis, the doctors response, everything that the airline asked for an excemption and still haven't recieved a response, last time that he recieved an excemption they gave us a response really fast, and im worried because this time they haven't said anything, there is no number to communicate or anything and my whole trip depends on that excemption, i even send all the paperwork again last week, can someone know hoe do we communicate with them to know the answer? if they approved it or not? i have send emails, twitter, messenger by phone everything and the airline hasn't responded, thanks. 


Re: Mask Excemption

Top Contributor

I would reach out to southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM to see if they can look up things and see where you stand in the process. 

I would also check the spam/junk folders in case an email was routed to the wrong place.