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Mask Exemption Process does not meet ADA requirements

Adventurer B

Hi all,


I was taking a look at the process outlined on the Southwest Airlines website about how one could go about securing a medical exemption to face masks. I was shocked to see the following....


1) One must need to be TESTED before applying for an exemption. Why should I have to be tested for a "virus" which has never been isolated and is based on nothing more than predictive computer-generated RNA sequences? Forcing us to get tested if we want to get a medical exemption is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. 


2) Why should flights have to be less than 75% full? Even kindergartners understand that "viruses" aren't smart enough to distinguish between 100% full flights and 75% flights. Funny how our shoulders are roughly six inches from the passenger next to us. Does the virus somehow NOT infect us even though we're cramped together on-board like sardines? 


3) Why do we need a doctor's note? The ONLY valid exemption to face masks is that we are human and need oxygen. No doctor's note necessary.


4) Why does Southwest Airlines get to choose this "third party" medical provider? Especially an allopathic one like StatMD which spreads disinformation? 


You guys are breaking the law by making it impossible for us to obtain medical exemptions. You are violating the Nuremberg Code. I'm tired of being treated worse than a dog. Even dogs aren't forced to wear face masks, yet PAYING customers like myself am. 


The worst part about all this is that PILOTS aren't even required to wear face masks. If this is true, then it makes any claim about "precautionary measures" complete BS. 


I've also seen flight attendants HUG each other at the end of flights. Why are they allowed to embrace each other and violate social distancing requirements, yet if we passengers hug each other on-board...we get kicked off and charged with disorderly conduct? Huh? 


In any case, I know that it's impossible to hold Southwest responsible in civil or criminal court because the FAA supports your every move, but there will come a point where people will just stop flying. If you want people to stop flying, then fine. But at least be honest and don't pretend to care about customers. 


If I treated MY customers as badly as Southwest treats their customers, I would have had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a long time ago. I'm a restaurant owner and so I've been in customer service for years. It saddens me to say that I've received BETTER service in inner-city Applebee restaurants than I have on Southwest flights since the scam-demic began.


Re: Mask Exemption Process does not meet ADA requirements

Adventurer B

And I have to add...if you've ever eaten at a Cincinnati or Columbus (Ohio) Applebee's, you know how bad the service is and how rude the waitresses are. 

So yeah, Southwest is really not doing a great job of customer satisfaction. I would never hire any of the flight attendants to wait tables at my restaurants. They just don't have the right attitude.

Re: Mask Exemption Process does not meet ADA requirements

Aviator A

ADA doesn't apply to air carrier's on-board services.


I'm gonna go way, way out on a limb and suggest that Southwest's large, highly paid legal team was involved in crafting a policy that meets the Air Carrier Access Act requirements.


If you think otherwise, find a lawyer willing to sue them.


Good luck with that.

Re: Mask Exemption Process does not meet ADA requirements

Adventurer B

Correction *Air Carrier Access Act*


In any case, Southwest's lawyers are corrupt. I stated in my last paragraphs that it was impossible to sue them because they're controlled by the government and receive whatever hard-earned tax money I'm forced to pay. 


The only way to ensure that Southwest apologizes for their crimes against humanity is through either a boycott or a class-action lawsuit. 


In any case, they can do whatever they want. But that won't change the laws already on the book. It won't invalidate the Nuremberg Code. And it won't change the fact that everything I stated (except for the "ADA" typo, should have said Air Carrier Access Act) is 100% valid.