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Re: Mask Optional Flights #Masksoptional

Aviator C

Two mallets with which to beat the dead horse:


1.  Flying at ALL reduces your oxygen intake by 25%.  Therefore,  if you're legitimately worried about wearing a mask on the ground,  you'll probably be dead if you fly even without it. 


2.  Which flights exactly would be maskless?  Are you proposing DOUBLING  the flight schedule so we can pick and choose which plane we want to be on?   And you thought cancelations were bad now? 


My best advice... before asking or suggesting such novel ideas.... just think them through a little bit.   You may realize how utterly implausible they are,  and thereby save us all a lot of collective wasted time.   

Re: Mask Optional Flights #Masksoptional

Frequent Flyer A

To be fair, a mask optional flight is completely plausible though not with Southwest. I'm sure if you contact Netjets, they could arrange it.


If you are flying internationally, Presidential Flight is the airline for you. I used to see their airport all the time when I went to Abu Dhabi. They would even offer mask free flights on a 787.


I was just looking. Presidential Flight used to operate Avro RJ100. Northwest used to operate those. Those were wonderful aircraft.