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Masks - probably should be required for everyone

Explorer C

Just flew last night.  around 30 people on board.  There were 3 not consistently wearing masks.  Guess what?  Those three were the flight attendants.  Including one flight attendant going up and down the aisles and answering questions without a mask.  


If I had to pick out the 3 most likely to be asymptomatic carriers, it would be the 3 flight attendants who continually breathe recycled air and are in close contact with 50+ people daily.


Solid job Southwest!


Re: Masks - probably should be required for everyone

Aviator A

This would be good feedback for Southwest. As this is primarily a customer to customer forum I suggest that you contact Southwest Customer Relations Department via private message on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to include the date, flight number, and departure/destination info so they can investigate.