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Max 8 really?

New Arrival

I've rescheduled our trip to the east coast twice now due to covid.  I've been planning this trip since our daughter was born late last year.  Now I see that you've booked me on a Max 8 plane.  Why are you guys still booking this plane, knowing that all Max 8 flights have been canceled over the past year?  Seems like it should be illegal to waste people's time by now. But you still book and dash people's vacation dreams? Why? I thought you were better than that.


Re: Max 8 really?

Top Contributor

United, American Southwest and a bunch of others are booking passengers on MAXs

based on their best guesses on when they'll be authorized to fly.


When that situation changes, airlines have to pull the aircraft from schedules for additional time.


The MAXs will fly again, although the return to service date has had lots of changes since March 2019.


Re: Max 8 really?

Rising Star

Currently the MAX8 has been removed from the schedule through August 10th if the plane is not certified for flying by then southwest will use different equipment for the flight or may move you to another flight.