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Max8 and flights to Hawaii

New Arrival

I saw where the flights to the islands are being done on 737-800 model aircraft.  When the gounding is lifted for the 737 Max8 models, will the flights to Hawaii be on the Max8's?


Re: Max8 and flights to Hawaii

Rising Star

Even before the MAX grounding only some of the -800 aircraft were certified for the long overwater flights to Hawaii.  This article touches on some of the requirements:


"Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS) certification from the FAA...allows for 'extended operations' over open ocean, something Southwest Airlines has not previously needed."


"Flight 6808 was operated on a Boeing 737-800, one of about a half-dozen Southwest aircraft that are ETOPS certified with extra life rafts and additional communication devices."


So even if it's in the Southwest long-term plan to fly the MAX to Hawaii it's not something you'll see imminently as it's my understanding Southwest doesn't have any yet that are ETOPS certified.

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