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Re: Mechanics' Labor Dispute

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@Flying_Slug wrote:

GoddezzOfWar: I’m sorry to hear that you’re spooked.


In my exchange with dfwskier, I listed extremely rare cases. I’m confident your next flight(s) with Southwest will be just fine. I expect the same for the two flights I have booked for next month.


I hope you get to visit with your daughter as planned. Smiley Very Happy


Happy travels,


Agree with you @Flying_Slug.


I fly   30-40 flights a year on Southwest and have been doing so for years. My last flight was last week. My next flight is next week. I have no concerns whasoever.

Re: Mechanics' Labor Dispute

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This impasse between Southwest and AMFA has dragged on entirely too long.  I don't favor unions taking unfair practices to cripple the fleet simply to make their point.  I also don't favor management farming out the majority of the work to outside vendors with disinterested employees who have no skin in the game when it could be done in-house.  See Frontier Airlines for a case in point.  Southwest has been profitable every year it's existed, to my knowledge.  Both sides should be able to work off of that to resolve this without going for the throat.  Let's get this done instead of acting like a couple of 7th graders.  

Re: Mechanics' Labor Dispute

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