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Re: Memphis international airport southwest employee investigation wanted

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You won’t find that there is a number of how many passes because there is not a limit on the number or passes they can issue. Anyone can request and can be issued a gate pass if they have a legitimate reason. One reason listed is to escort a young traveler. Which is as what we did as parents. 

So nothing guarantees that you can receive multiple passes, and in fact, nothing guarantees you can get one at all. While you may not have liked the decision of the agent, they do get to decide whether you get the pass or not.



The only version of the policy that I've seen includes that the passes are not guaranteed, subject to conditions at the airport, etc. 


Honestly I would have taken the one which was offered and had the other parent go to the restroom and try again at a different counter ten minutes later in case you could get a different response. But the policy that day may have been only to offer one.




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