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Mercy flights

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My wife was just diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  As this is devastating to any woman, she was very much overwhelmed but this news.  This is my 2nd time in my life time of having a mate with cancer.  My 1st wife of 30 years passed away from this same illness.  To this end, my current wife purchased 2 tickets for travel to Denver, Colorado to see her sister in this state.  They were purchased in June for the trip to take place in November.  My concern, for oconologic and catastrophic illness customers, does SOUTHWEST offer any discounts or fare free mercy flights? I am interested to know as the cost for her cancer treatments are astronomically high.  Please let me know.  If possible, please let me if there are other points of contact available for me to forward this communique. I can be reached at or via cell phone @210-373-2620.


Respectfully yours, 


Thomas Harper


Re: Mercy flights

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I am sorry to hear this about your wife.  That is tough news, and I wish her healing and recorvery!


Since this is a customer community, I would encourage you to reach out to Southwest directly via any of the methods in "Contact Us" below and to delete your personal information from your post.


Southwest does have a Medical Transportation Program; I am not sure it is exactly what you are asking about, but you can read all about it here.


Best wishes!


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Re: Mercy flights

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That is a lot to take in, my only hope is that treatment for your wife goes well.


Southwest partners with hospitals and organizations nationwide, this is the link with additional information.  In page includes the following , "...patients and/or caregivers seeking assistance need to contact the program partners directly, using the links or contact information listed below, as each partner has its own guidelines for administration of these tickets."


As this is a public forum you may also want to edit your post to remove your personal information (click the gear icon at the top right section of your post).

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