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Military courtesies not applied evenly

Explorer C

As a long time military member it's hard not to love Southwest. Generally speaking they do a better job than most airlines of taking care of service members.


However, a problem exists. Southwest gate agents routinely state that passengers in uniform get to board early. While military members are routinely flying with tight connections and severe penalties for lateness this is greatly appreciated. But, by constantly rewarding and recognizing those who fly in uniform, the airline is encouraging service members to disregard operational security guidelines. I have been denied early boarding with a valid military ID card because I wasn't in uniform. Are we trying to help and thank military folks or do we only want the positive publicity that comes with public displays?


Southwest is not alone in this. All airlines need to carefully review their policies to help protect service members by using discretion when assisting them with travel. 


As the most military friendly airline, I'd like to see Southwest lead by example and get the others to follow suit. 


I'd like to get feedback on this. 


Re: Military courtesies not applied evenly

Explorer A

Thank you for the helpful info. I was concerned about getting a seat early enough. I will be flying on orders, but reticent to fly in uniform. DoD policy discourages travel in uniform, although it is allowed.

Re: Military courtesies not applied evenly

Retired Community Manager

Hi @A16,


Thanks for taking time to join the Community and share your perspective with us. We are humbly and deeply grateful for the men and women who serve this country, and I'm confident our Customer Service Agents and Operations Agents have the best of intentions when they offer early boarding to those in uniform. Your point of view is helpful and important, and we will gladly take it into consideration. 


Re: Military courtesies not applied evenly

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@LindseyD , talk is cheap. If SWA truly is "humbly and deeply grateful," to military members, then they would stop using the military as advertising fodder. Since almost no military flies in uniform anymore, just stop advertising pre-boarding for military. Just stop. You don't owe it to us. But we don't like being taken advantage of.