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Missing SW

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I have been a pretty loyal SW flier for many years. I love the friendly attitude of all of the staff members both on the ground and especially in the air. I also love that SW did not begin to charge baggage fees when the other airlines jumped at the chance to get greedy.

I moved to Virginia a few years back but continued to fly SW back and forth to Denver. When I was looking to buy tickets for my daughter yesterday I realized that I have not flown on SW in almost 18 months. I realized that I am not even checking SW prices anymore because even with baggage fees, the other airlines are beating SW fares hands down. Yesterday and I paid $480 RT from SLC to the east coast and SW was well over $600 to fly on the same days. I miss SW but am not loyal enough to pay the higher fares.


Re: Missing SW

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Make sure that you have some earning activity within the 24-month window to keep your rapid rewards points.


Which airport on the east coast? Southwest is often competitive but I'm sure there are some routes and city pairs that the Other Guys have an advantage. I'm not overly familiar with SLC's connections to the rest of Southwest's network.

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.