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Mobile app can't connect

Explorer C

Mobile app android working fine for months, last week went belly up.  Logged me out, then would not accept login, garbled error message I can't remember.  Then said bad username/password even though it worked on website.  Finally and now it only says Sorry! We can't seem to connect right now.  Please check your connection and try again.  Error 500120210.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted cache and data, reboot, changed password on website, no effect.

I called SW and was told "there is no department" for mobile app support.  So I sent a web complant about that, it's 2017 really, received form letter we're sorry valued A List Preferred customer.

So there it is, please help, will be grateful, thanks.


Re: Mobile app can't connect

Explorer C

I've been attempting login every day, and just now it decided to start working again.  So good news, but my original complaint is still valid - why is there no one to take trouble calls about the app being broken?