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Mobilize to make sure the Federal Government does not BAIL OUT Southwest

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I actually have no idea how or what can be done, but over and over again I am reading everyone's complaints about their disruptive travel due to the pandemic.  I definitely understand that this issue is not of greatest priority, but somehow the Federal Government is talking about assisting the airline industry and what will happen with my funds previously paid to Southwest and most of the others on this board will result is a surplus of income because we cannot travel within the restricted months that the funds are available.


For me, I am not asking for a refund, just for the funds to be available in the same time frame as my plans for this year were scheduled and cancelled by the NCAA.  


I do not want to read about what other airlines are doing now to be like Southwest is all along; clearly, that is why people choose Southwest to begin with.  


If anyone knows how we can make sure that Southwest does not profit in these times by keeping out money and getting additional funds from the government I would be willing to help that effort.


Re: Mobilize to make sure the Federal Government does not BAIL OUT Southwest

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Yes, because Southwest has great everyday policies that other airlines match only in times of an emergency let's get super upset at them and demand they go out of business. Sounds like a brilliant idea. 


People are understandably frustrated about the potential of travel funds expiring before they can use them. BE PATIENT! Policies may change and travel funds might be extended. Getting angry now about funds that expire months from now isn't helpful. Also keep in mind there would be zero chance of those credits ever being used if Southwest went out of business.





Re: Mobilize to make sure the Federal Government does not BAIL OUT Southwest

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No airline is trying to profit from this situation. All airlines are just trying to stay alive.


If Southwest (all airlines) doesn't get help, it (they) will go bankrupt. What happens then?


A) 60,000 SW employees lose their jobs

B) Several thousand others who work for companies that supply SW daily lose their jobs

C) Tens of thousands of Boeing employees lose their jobs

D) thousands more people who supply Boeing lose their jobs


Total number of people that lose their jobs: 100,000+


I understand that you are angry. That is understandable.


Airlines are working thru the most difficult time in the history of the  industry. Give them time to work things out,   ..and..

Be careful what you wish for.

Re: Mobilize to make sure the Federal Government does not BAIL OUT Southwest

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Southwest is being incredibly greedy and money hungry right now instead of showing compassion for everyone. They should be rewarding responsible customers who are not traveling during this time. Now, they want to penalize responsible citizens by not showing any mercy to the travel fund policy that WE ALEADY PAID for when we choose southwest. Customers do not just choose airlines because they have a cute logo. We choose our airline based on what they offer. They are acting like they didn't just suck us in with their policy only to hang us dry during these difficult times.