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Mother's Lost Bag

New Arrival

My Mother was on a non-stop flight from Bradley-Hartford, CT to Orlando on 1 Feb (incident MCOWN02783404).   As I fly on Delta, which tracks your bags on an APP, I am at a loss at how these bags with prescriptions and her clothes can have vanished from the system.  Additionally I understand your 5 day rule but as she is 83 I would expect a little more help with her instead of the same answers all the time.   It has to be at one of the two locations.   Not being able to talk to the departure or arrival airport is also very inconvenient.  I think someone at a senior level needs to reach out to her and help her through this difficult time as she has spent hours trying to navigate the complex system and now I am taking time off of work to help with the situation.   Very alerting in this time of advanced security and technology that two bags on a non-stop flight can vanish from the face of the Earth.  Someone please call her to help her out.


Re: Mother's Lost Bag

Rising Star

I am not sure what you mean about a "5 day rule." If you checked a bag and it did not turn up in baggage claim, Southwest requires that you report it within 4 hours of arriving at your destination. Did you do this? 


If your baggage has been lost, damaged, or delayed, you must report this, in person, at the Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office within four hours of your arrival at your destination. The Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office is located in the baggage claim area or the ticket counter at the airport.


Additionally, if you can't find your bag at baggage claim:


Go to the Southwest Airlines Baggage Service office located in the airport baggage claim area or at the ticket counter to report your delayed bag. The Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Agent will create a report and provide you with a receipt of this report. You will then receive updates regarding the status of your bag. We also provide a phone number that you can call to follow up on the status yourself.