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My bracelet was stolen from my checked luggage

Explorer C

I flew out from DC to Texas last Wednesday. I checked a big luggage at the counter and carried 4 bags (1 carry on, 1 G tube food backpack as I’m on continuous tube feed, 1 purse and 1 small make up bag). Apparently, you’re not allowed to carry more than 2 bags on the plane but they did not tell me that at the counter when I was checking my big luggage so I ended up checking one of my carry on bags at the gate. Next day, I noticed that my Tiffany’s bracelet is missing out of a pouch from that last minute checked carry on. I immediately filed a claim with Southwest and they asked me to upload proof of purchase which I do not have as this bracelet was a gift (gifted in 2006). I told them and asked Southwest what other documents are acceptable and they responded stating that Southwest is NOT REAPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISSING ITEMS FROM CHECKED LUGGAGES and that I accepted and agreed this policy when I purchased my tickets. What can I do in this case? I am beyond upset. Thank you. 


Re: My bracelet was stolen from my checked luggage

Explorer B

Sadly, there's nothing much left for you to do except moving on and accept the loss. 

Re: My bracelet was stolen from my checked luggage

Aviator C

First, if you did not know that you are allowed only two carry on items, you must be new to flying.  Every airline that I have ever flown restricts you from bringing your entire kitchen, garage and workshop on the plane.  It slows down the boarding process and is a nuisance.  


In order to make your claim, you need to have proof that it was in the bag in the first place.  It would be easy for anyone to claim that someone or somehow their Rolex watch is now suddenly missing.  Myself, I do not believe any of these stories about items stolen from luggage.  How in the world would anyone know that an item of value is in your bag?  The luggage crew hardly has the time to inspect each piece of luggage and their work is on video.


Your loss is only what you claim it is.  There is no proof.