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My lost baggage

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Horrible experience over this past weekend. I flew from midway airport to Las Vegas to celebrate my 32 birthday. I truly looked forward to having a good time one because my mother passed away on my birthday when I was teenager and two I just completed my first year of a doctoral program that I am enrolled in. I arrived in Las Vegas at 7:33am to find that my bags were not on the carousel. I went into the office in which the employees were not the nicest. The young lady looked in the computer and stated my bags didn’t make my flight although my bags made it to TSA before the 45 minute cut off. She ensured me that my bags were on the next nonstop flight to Las Vegas. I stayed at the airport waiting on my bags for over two hrs in which only one of the 2 of my bags arrived on the next nonstop flight. She then told me they would deliver it as soon as it came to the airport. It’s almost 72 hrs later and no one knows the location of my luggage. My birthday was ruined and this experience was traumatic beyond measure to me. I don’t understand how one luggage made it to the Las Vegas airport and the other one didn’t. Their no scan policy seems to be outdated. Due to the no scanning policy they are not able to locate the last location of my bag. 72 hrs later and all I see when I log in is my case is still open and Chicago as its last location. I have my everyday belongings in there that I need. This is truly ridiculous. If my advice means anything do not check a bag. There were so many people in Chicago and Las Vegas in line complaining about delayed and or lost luggage. I just want my luggage 


Re: My lost baggage

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Regretably, every airline loses or temporarily misplaces bags - even Southwest. 


If you are still are still in Las Vegas and still don't have your missing bag, you should be able to get 

a small amount of cash that will allow you to buy some the the necessities that are missing.


You you haven't already looked at it, You will find that Southwest has an "everything about baggage" section on it's web page:


Hope you get your bags soon.



Re: My lost baggage

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Again horrible experience. You are absolutely right about every airline delaying luggage However SOUTHWEST is known for this. While I was in Las Vegas and when I returned there were numerous individuals in line for this very reason. Tomorrow morning will be the fifth day my luggage has been missing. No one can tell me anything. I’ve tried contacting baggage claim in Las Vegas for the past 3 days I’ve left several voicemails in which no one called me back. I will continue to discourage individuals from flying southwest. Customer service sucks. Don’t get excited about checking two bags for free if you check it you won’t get your bags back. 

Re: My lost baggage

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I'm sorry, but 'every airline loses baggage' is a terrible answer. The baggage handlers are taking care of thousands of dollars worth of each individuals personal items - even if they aren't bringing jewels and riches.

I came to Boulder for swimming and cycling. In my bag, in addition to my clothes, vitamins, and all the things you CAN'T bring in carry-on, were my bike helmet, pedals, swim and cycling gear. Each day that I don't get my bag, my expensive trip is ruined. 

This isn't a 'mistake' - it's carelessness that is somehow acceptable to the airline. Now you see why people try to cram everything into the overhead bins! They know that the baggage handlers really dont care if they lose your luggage, and the airline doesn't either. We are an acceptable loss. What a horrible way to run a business.

And, BTW - they are NOT looking for your luggage. Luggage left laying around an airport would be seized by the authorities because it's considered dangerous, so it's not hard to find a bag if you are actually looking. I am so sorry that I put my faith in Southwest. Never again.

Re: My lost baggage

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This happened to me and my boyfriend flying into LAS too.  Still no bag.  I agree just don't check your bags because our vacation was ruined.