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My true story during this pandemic

Explorer B

Dear SW friends,


An interesting journey never follows a straight path

Quote by   Marjan Van Den Belt


This journey started at the beginning of pandemic. I had contacted the customer relation of SW in regard to my unused travel funds from March until June THREE times. I had requested the extension of the total travel fund for the consideration of my circumstances that I need to care for two vulnerable people at home.


It was an extremely disappointed experience after I wrote to the CEO of SW in a professional manner.  I consider myself that I have been such a loyal member of SW since 1997 and I grew up with SW for more than two decades.  


I was extremely concern of my elder father and disability brother than myself.  All of my friends asked me if I am sick from COVID-19 who will take care of them. The answer is unknown during this pandemic.  I cancelled all of the hours from my assistant since 3/2020.


I am so very grateful to GOD that I came back safe from my three weeks of essential business trip in Southern California. I drove myself to Southern California on 6/18 and came back gracefully on 7/9.  I have been practicing good social distancing, wear two layers of mask and keep up my hygiene in Southern California.  I must had a contact for more than 50 people since I was between different offices, hotels, gas stations and grocery stores for last three weeks. My temperature was checked by different business venues up to 7 times.


During this special season, I am very uncomfortable to fly any airline even the middle seat is open.  As a guide line of social distance is at least 6 feet apart.  I do not understand that all of the airlines are in the business during this pandemic. During my business trip, I heard this guy was coughing when he left the lobby of the resort and I was very far away from him to move around for safety.  There is no guarantee that it is safe if this person was coughing on the close up plane for several hours of flight. 


During my trip, I was able to navigate the website of SW and discovered the discussion board.

Though, I was very disappointed with the CEO of SW that I have to thank SW for the open space with the open mind of the members to support one another. I have deligently followed the instruction and suggestion of the top contributor to extend the travel funds.


As the top contributor indicated that there is a risk in everything of life.  I really appreciate the system does work even they may take up to 5 days to update the new expiration date of 9/7/2022. I happened to book a return trip in September but I was not really sure if I am ready to fly in September.  I cancelled it before I discovered and read the messages on the discussion board.  On the next day, thankfully, I received the new expiration date of 9/7/2022. 


Dear friend, I went through this long path which was like a detour you see when you travel.

Hope it will support you If you are desperate to save your travel funds and so cautious to fly like myself or you are in the difficult time for difficult reasons for example: care for your or your family medical's need or some other urgent issues. 


SW does not allow the travel funds to transfer to others, buy any other products and can only use for your own future flight. I am looking forward to see these travel funds covert to the reward points sooner or later so it will never expire and we will all fly whenever we are ready.  


Re: My true story during this pandemic

Aviator A

I'm glad to hear the suggestion to book a flight then cancel to extend the travel funds expiration date was able to help you save your travel funds from expiring soon. 


Hopefully the system to convert the funds to points will be available soon but at this time no release date has been announced. 



Re: My true story during this pandemic

Explorer B

I am looking forward to see my travel funds coverts to the rapid reward points this year soon.


Re: My true story during this pandemic

Aviator C

Me too.

Re: My true story during this pandemic

Aviator A

The option to convert travel funds to Rapid Rewards points is now live in the My Account section of SW's website.




-A List, Companion Pass holder