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Mysteriously Cancelled Flights

Explorer C

Twice in the last few months, my return flights/reservations from Montego Bay were cancelled and I was not notified.  So I knew what  was happening when I contacted Southwest last night.


First I wanted to tell the customer service agent that this is an issue SW should know about since it had happened twice to me.  While I was very nice and patient the agent was not.


So we moved on to rebooking my flight.  She was demeaning when I asked about a refund for the difference in the cost of the new flight (even though SW also gives you credit when the price drops) and even though SW cancelled my reservation without informing me I was told that I could not get a refund, I could only rebook, and I could not use points.


I really felt like she was trying to punish me.  I felt sad for her because she was really not a very patient or mildly kind.


I did not cancel my flight.  SW did.  For the second time.  Without notifying me.  I also explained why I think it happened so SW could look into it, but she did not seem the least bit interested.


Can SW please tell me why I am being penalized (no refund, not allowed to now use points) when they inadvertently cancelled my reservation for the second time in  a few months.  Oh this must mean I fly a lot on SW 🙂


Re: Mysteriously Cancelled Flights

Aviator A

You’d have to tell them you don’t want to fly again and get the refund. Then rebook with points later.



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Re: Mysteriously Cancelled Flights

Aviator A

If Southwest cancelled your flight (and it was not a cancellation you made yourself) and you did not fly then you are certainly entitled to a refund there - but since you were rebooked and flew, any rebooking that Southwest had to do should for you should not have made you pay any difference in fare. I would definitely contact Southwest about this issue using one of the Contact Us methods below and explain the situation to them.