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NO customer service, NO supervisors, NO accountability

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We flew from Las Vegas to Spokane this afternoon. We were originally scheduled to fly from Las Vegas to Denver to Spokane. While waiting at the airport, we heard our names called over the audio system. We followed the request and spoke with the Southwest representative at our gate. She told us the flight from Las Vegas to Denver was delayed, which could cause us to miss the next flight from Denver to Spokane. She then changed our flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix then to Spokane. We verbally confirmed with her on 2 seperate occassions that our 3 checked bags had been moved to the new route she had set up for us, and both times she confirmed that yes, our bags were moved to the new planes. Everything seemed fine until we got home to Spokane and noticed our 3 large suitcases did not arrive. We immediately spoke with the SW baggage rep who stated she would file an "incident report" and we would hear back from SW within the next 5 days. What also caught me by surprise was her response that "this happens with all the airlines so it's not really a big deal". That is unacceptable. We spent almost 2 weeks in Vegas (for both entertainment & work) so we took most of our clothing (recreational & work clothing), medications, entertainment devices and everything else we had with us. We carried on what we could, but that was a very small percentage of the belongings we took with us. Southwest appears to have very little interest in resolving this situation and it is apparently impossible to speak with a supervisor or manager to escalate the situation outside some very specific hours M-F. In fact, the representatives that I spoke with on Southwest's 800 line told me it was basically all in the hands of the local Southwest staff and they really don't deal with individual issues at the upper levels. Sounds like a "sure they use our name, but we're not responsible for them in any way" type answer. I will NEVER use Southwest airlines or vacation packages again!


Re: NO customer service, NO supervisors, NO accountability

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Sorry your bags didn't make it to your final destination because of a flight change (at least you didn't get stuck in an airport over night) 


I would highly recommend you call the local baggage service office tomorrow then they can check to see where the bag is as it could arrive on a flight in the AM and they can set up delivery or you could pick up the bag. If you can't get through to the local baggage office I would call the number on the report tomorrow and talk to them.


if you want to speak with someone in the corporate office you can call them at 855-234-4654 


Hope you get your bag back soon! 


Re: NO customer service, NO supervisors, NO accountability

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Southwest doesn't have a bag tracking system, so unfortunately they don't really know where your bags are until they show up somewhere. The good news is that as soon as that happens they'll be in contact with you, and should be able to arrange to get them delivered to you quickly. In most cases that happens in less than the 5 days they've suggested.


FYI: I realize this isn't helpful for you right now, but for future reference: you should never put medications into checked luggage -- always put those in your carry-on.


Re: NO customer service, NO supervisors, NO accountability

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Have your bags arrived? If so, when did they arrive?