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Name Change

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I’m planning a trip in July and want to book my ticket, however, I’m in the process of finalizing a divorce and waiting for the paperwork to be filed by the courts, including my last name change.  

What is the process required should my last name be changed after purchasing my ticket?



Re: Name Change

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This thread might help:


Anyway - it's possible to change it by contacting Southwest directly by mail, twitter, facebook, etc., (Not through this forum which is user-to-user) - you may need to submit a photo of the name change documentation to have things changed.


The best advice seems to be to keep things synchronized, at that time for the flight in July plan to have your ticket and identification have the same name, even if it is your married name before changing.


Also get your Rapid Rewards account synchronized since that's how you login, buy the tickets, etc.


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