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Name slightly misspelled on ticket

Explorer C

I'm flying domestic and the first name on my ticket is missing the last letter of my actual name. Is there a way to add the missing letter? Is it necessary to do so?


Re: Name slightly misspelled on ticket

Aviator B

Did you purchase the ticket within the last 24hrs?  If you did you can cancel and receive a full refund on your credit card.  Then book a new ticket.


Good luck. 

Re: Name slightly misspelled on ticket

Aviator A

Your best bet would be to call Southwest, using the Customer Relations number: 1-855-234-4654. They should be able to correct the name for you. Hope this helps!

Not Legal name on ticket but nickname

Explorer C

Ok i Goofed!  I bought a ticket for my newphew to visit and totally forgot his first name is really John but he has always been called Jack from birth and I of course put Jack on the ticket.  How do I chg it to John? He said he will have a hard time at TSA with his clearence TSA card. I am waiting for someone to call me back from SW, I'm in line in Q for approx 57 more min they said they'd return my call.. 

Re: Not Legal name on ticket but nickname

Retired Community Manager

Hi @rkstritt,

Were you able to get in touch with someone? A faster way to get in touch with a Customer Representative is to reach out through Facebook (send a private message) or Twitter (@SouthwestAir).

Re: Not Legal name on ticket but nickname

Explorer C

Pro Tip - Got immediate help, was fixed before I even got through on the phone.

Re: Name slightly misspelled on ticket

Explorer C

Calling the 800 # does not always help.  My first name has a hyphen on my birth certificate, but goverment computers put in a space instead.  Originally my SW profile had the hyphen but I called to have itremoved so it wouldn't showup on boarding passes (just so flight tickets matched the drivers license or passport ID).  SW profile was adjusted to match but it still shows up wrong now.  Strangely in emails, some boarding info, has matching spelling but when printed out or on the app it's missing the second part of my first name.  I'm always nervous going through security becaue a few times they have been unpleasant about it.  On the SW app only the first half of my name shows up as if the end part of my  first name (with or without a hyphen) is a middle name.   Every flight I have to scramble to print and check whether it's closer to use an email versus the app (none of which are actually matching).  The only thing that seems consistent is my growing frustration.