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Need help with the Early Bird Issue

New Arrival

Has anyone else had this happen where you had a flight that needed changed due to delays or whatever reason and when they changed it they didn’t move your early bird?

Two weeks ago flying out of COS there were two days of the Colorado Springs flight being delayed making it so the change of flight in Denver to Houston wouldn’t be able to be made. I had to call and have them move my flight back a day so I wouldn’t miss the Denver flight due to Colorado Springs delays. I guess during that process they didn’t make it so I had early bird and I ended up in like B47 for my flight back to Colorado.

I’m kind of angry about it and wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and if there’s anything I can do like get a refund as they didn’t even apply it but I paid for it.


Re: Need help with the Early Bird Issue

Top Contributor

When you change your flight EarlyBird remains on the flight and I would bet was still on your new flight when you got the B47 position.  What happens when you change flights though is you go the back of the line for the EarlyBird queue.  When you made a change so close to departure day/time you went to the back of the line and were most likely the last EarlyBird person to board.  The other possibility is if you made the change within 25 hours of departure EarlyBird would not take affect because all EarlyBird positions are assigned at that time. If you made a change at 24 hours prior you lose EarlyBird and the boarding position would not be automatically assigned.  You can always request a refund, but I don't know one is justified in this situation.