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Never Received LUV Voucher

Explorer C

RE: Initial Case #25316725 (several other case numbers have now been assigned)


My children were unable to join us as planned on our trip to Hawaii this summer due to the outages that Southwest experienced this summer (June 15, 2021).  I contacted customer service through the website, explained our situation regarding out of pocket expenses for hotel and canceled activities.  Southwest was nice enough to offer compensation in the form of LUV vouchers and indicated that I would receive them within 10 business days.  I did not receive them.  I contacted customer service again and was told they were sent - on two separate occasions. 


I contacted them again and was told they would be resent within 24 hours.  That was last weekend -- still no vouchers.  I am not sure what to do at this point.  Looking for help.


Re: Never Received LUV Voucher

Aviator A

Contact Customer Relations is going to be your best bet. We are customers like you here and can't do much to help in this situation. Perhaps you can use a different email address? Check your spam folder? 



Re: Never Received LUV Voucher

Aviator A

I would search your email for the subject line of “Here’s your Southwest LUV Voucher” and this should pull it up if you happened to miss it in your email 


if using Gmail be sure to check your promotions folder and the spam/junk folders as emails sometimes go to the wrong place. 

if you still haven’t received it after checking the folders and trying that subject line in the search bar of your email then I would Contact Customer Relations again and make sure they have your email address right and ask them to resend. A friend of mine had a voucher resent last week and got it the next morning. I also just got a voucher last week and it went to my regular email folder so double checking couldn’t hurt.