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New Flight schedule

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We have been waiting for the new flights to come out today and were really surprised that it is showing 95% of the flights from IND to TPA are saying sold out.  Is this typical when new flights first come out?  Its never been an issue with us picking from our flight times on certain days and were amazed that they are all sold out when they just came on today.  


Re: New Flight schedule

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Depends on what dates you are looking for. Many flights around holidays show "sold out", but really probably never had flights available in the Wanna Get Away fare bucket. Southwest (and most other airlines) know they don't need to offer discounted flights around the holidays, demand will be high. 


You can book an Anytime or Business Select fare then later cancel it and get a cash refund if Southwest decides to make a Wanna Get Away fare available. That does occasionally happen when a flight is not selling as well in the higher fare bucket or when a competing airline offers a lower price.




Re: New Flight schedule

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I always start with the low fare calendar, this is a link for November 2019 flights from IND - TPA.  It looks like even on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving there are Wanna Get Away fares available -- the least expensive one showing now is a nonstop 5:35 AM departure, the next least expensive is a 7:50 PM departure for a nonstop flight that lands at 10:05 PM.

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