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Nickname on Ticket

Explorer C
My cousin purchased tickets yesterday for a family vacation we're going on. She entered my husbands name as "Jake" instead of "Jacob" which is what is on his drivers license/passport. 1. Can Southwest make that change without charging a fee? 2. If we don't change the name, is it going to cause issues at the airport? We're flying domestic, not international.

Re: Nickname on Ticket

Aviator A

Per @LindseyD, Community Manager, from a similar question here:


"Mistakes happen - we can help. You'll need to connect with one of our Customer Relations Representatives so they can assist you with the name correction. You can reach us on Twitter (@SouthwestAir), on our Southwest Airlines Facebook Page, or by calling 1-855-234-4654.


Community Manager
The Southwest Airlines Community"
Hope that helps!
-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Nickname on Ticket

Aviator A

My advice: If the flight was just purchased yesterday, and the fare shown online now is the same as when purchased, just cancel, request a full refund, and rebook with the correct name. Southwest (by law) allows cancellation with full refund within 24 hours of booking.


If it's too late, or if the fare has increased, or if EarlyBird Check-In was added to the itinerary, I second the advice above. Just be prepared to be patient, and HUTA (hang up, try again) if you reach a rep that is unable to help you. Good luck.