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No Nursing Cover?

Explorer C
I'm assuming there must be some confusion, but I was - by multiple flight attendants - told that I had to remove my nursing cover for takeoff and landing on a recent flight. One flight attendant told me I had to completely uncover my baby and another said I had to remove the strap around my neck. Can anyone give me some clarification?  My guess is that they assumed it was some sort of carrier, which I know aren't allowed, but even after I explained she wasn't strapped to me in anyway, they still required its removal. Thanks for the help! 

Re: No Nursing Cover?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @NursingMom,


Welcome to the Southwest Airlines Community - thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the way this situation was handled, as we always welcome nursing mothers on our flights. 


I think that your guess is probably correct - the Flight Attendant may have misunderstood the function of the strap. Safety is our highest priority, so I'm confident that the Flight Attendant was truly trying to ensure that you and your little one were prepared for takeoff and landing. Still, I'm sorry for any confusion and discomfort. 


Your patronage is important to us, and we hope we'll see you and your family onboard again soon for better experiences!