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Re: No enforcement of mask rule

Explorer C

I watched a video on the internet yesterday when a passenger claimed to be kicked off flight while keeping his mask down while eating.  However he claimed it was because he has a Trump hat on.  Quite interesting why this flight attendant kicked him off the plane when in the video the another person was not using the required proper mask.  He had a neck mask that pulled up over his face.  I thought this was banned.  

I recently was on a plane that pulled out of the gate then pulled back in to remove two passengers who a flight attendant claimed would not wear mask.  I believe some flight attendants are pushing their authority to new levels uncalled for picking out certain passengers.


It was quite apparent by the video on the internet that the flight attendant was focused on one passenger without even considering the guy across the isle that had what i thought was a mask not allowed.  How did this guy even get on the plane.


Honestly I have flown SW for many years and it is not the same airline anymore.  As newer employees are hired they don't appear to LUV the customers anymore.  I have more rude encounters by SW employees than ever before.  On the other hand I can't tell you how well I have been treated by those older employees that recognize me.  It appears somehow in your current  training of new employees you have lost that LUV of customers.  In my EMBA program in 2001, we did a case study on how SW chose their employees.  It seems to me this enthusiasm has been lost to fond the perfect fit.


SW is getting a lot of bad publicity right now with masks as other airlines have too.  It appears that all are picking on the wrong people to fight with while allowing others just to break the rules.  

Re: No enforcement of mask rule

Aviator A

@runninggosteve wrote:


I noticed that you joined the community 18 minutes ago and posted 5 minutes ago.


How could you have possibly typed that long post in 13 minutes? I bet you joined specifically for that one post.


Oh, the incident you referenced happened over 6 months ago.


Do you have anything "new" to share?