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No "Freedom" in Texas

Explorer C

How ironic Southwest features a star striped plane with a caption about honoring our "freedom", when in fact Southwest's state is quickly stripping hard won liberties. Whether  restricting voter rights, putting a 10k bounty on women's heads who exercise reproductive rights or politicians who spew election lies and dangerous COVID conspiracies resulting in the deaths of untold citizens, it is time I no longer companies that are reticent based in texas.  I will cancel all future Southwest flights until the airline truly stands for freedom, not just painted rhetoric.  Indeed all companies based in texas will be banned by me, my family and my own company.   Either you are freedom or you are not.  Right now, Southwest's reticence makes them complicit with all those who wish to destroy our democracy and take our hard won freedoms away.  No airline is worth that.  


Re: No "Freedom" in Texas

Aviator A

I have a really bad habit. You see, I have no problem calling B.S. what it is: B.S.

Re: No "Freedom" in Texas

Frequent Flyer A

@chrisnyc1 While I may agree with you about the issues, what do you expect Southwest to do? Move its headquarters?


I hate this constantly wanting to sanction companies for what states do or even impose travel bans on states. I notice that these travel bans always make exceptions for football teams. 


I presume that you are in NY. I'm opposed to policies that take people who are COVID positive and return them to nursing homes because it is cheaper. I think recklessly killing older people is bad. Therefore, I'm going to boycott NY or any company that is headquartered in NY.

Re: No "Freedom" in Texas

Aviator A

I only have two words to say: who. cares? 


I fly Southwest because they are an airline that I love. I don't care one lick about "state politics" or "company politics" for that matter  - I'd have to drop nearly every product that I buy if I had to have a company be "in line" with my personal beliefs, and I will also say this: as a Pennsylvanian, I'd gladly move to Texas in one literal baby's heartbeat. 



Re: No "Freedom" in Texas

Adventurer B





While you're at it "Blame Canada!"