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No travel extension

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I cancelled my flight on Feb. 27,  (Covid-19) & SWA won't allow me to extend my travel to 9/7/22, because I didn't cancel Mar. 1 or later. We are older & don't want to travel by 12/1/20.  Any work around? They have limited locations & some states require a quarantine.


Re: No travel extension

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The workaround is to find another flight for any date before your funds are set to expire currently book that flight and then immediately cancel the flight and overnight your funds will be extended until September 7th 2022. Tip: find a flight that will use all of your travel funds or close to all your funds that way it's less you will lose. Example if you have $500 in travel funds find a flight that is $500 or just under and book it then cancel it. 


Edit: make sure you book the flight and cancel before September 7th to qualify for the extension. You can book a flight for any date just need to book and cancel by the deadline. 



Re: No travel extension

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Blake's s suggestion is the way to go.


One thing that Blake did not mention is that you would have to do so by 9/7/20