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Re: Non-Refundable tickets & surging Delta Variant

Aviator A

@leeish You purchased in January so you have 12 months from January to fly. The other dates you mentioned do not have any impact on when your travel funds expire. 

Also, it sounds like you purchased in January 2021, during the pandemic and when it was pretty clear what the pandemic situation would be like. You had to of known what you were getting into when completing the purchase?



Re: Non-Refundable tickets & surging Delta Variant

Adventurer C

Southworst will always find a way to stick it to the suckers that buys their tickets. They have no problem canceling flights and making flight changes but if you happen to buy a non-refundable ticket too bad. Southworst will just smile at your face and move on to the next sucker. This company has ZERO accountability. There should  be no such thing as non-refundable tickets during a pandemic. 

Re: Non-Refundable tickets & surging Delta Variant

Aviator C

I disagree.   I'd prefer companies stay in business, instead of being subject to losses by people who change their mind over the latest CNN news hype.   You wonder why they cancel so many flights?   Probably because of people canceling.   Flying empty planes gets expensive.   Cause and effect and all that. 


It's been 18 months.   Nothing has changed with respect to air travel risks.   Oh wait,  they've gotten better for all of us who are vaccinated.  Nothing has gotten worse with Delta for the individual traveler. 


If you're still booking flights,  and then complaining you can't get a refund to a nonrefundable ticket,  that is TOTALLY on you.  You knew the rules and the situation.   You're trying to game the system for your own personal benefit.


No sympathy here. 

Re: Non-Refundable tickets & surging Delta Variant

Frequent Flyer A

I am sorry to hear that you won't be traveling but I have to echo the comments of others about buying non-refundable tickets. For better or worse you took the risk, (gambled) that your plans would not change and now they have. All airlines are struggling through this pandemic, they won't likely "profit" from holding your credit for 0 to 12 months because they have to accrue for the use of the credit until the completion of the 12th month.

Best of luck