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Non stops between San Francisco and Orange County?

New Arrival

I noticed that there are only 3 daily non stops each way on this route in June.   I heard a rumor that SWA is phasing out this route.  Hard to believe.  Any one know if this is true?


Re: Non stops between San Francisco and Orange County?

New Arrival

Yes, there was a press release that I found on the SWA website that it is effective at the end of October 2018.  Something about expanding their flights to San Jose.  This does nothing for me since I need to go from SNA to SFO once a month.  Now I've noticed the most recent sales are excluding Orange County entirely.  So even if I choose to fly to OAK instead, I can't get a sale flight.  I could fly out of Long Beach, but that is another 1/2 hour drive (no thanks).  I love SWA, but the combo of no sale flights and no non-stop flights has me heading to a competitor.  See ya SWA.

Re: Non stops between San Francisco and Orange County?

New Arrival

I cant believe a Southwest executive made this decision. These flights are always packed daily and now I have to look for another non-stop airline to SFO. Yes I can fly to Oakland, but why would I do that when SFO is slightly closer to the City. Anyway I could go on, but I think there are enough people on this thread shaking their heads in wonder as to why Southwest would make such a horrible decision. 


The daily non stops to SNA to SFO are a very big deal. Essentially business travelers flying from one tech hub to the other, are now considering other non stop routes on other airlines.


I’m Southwest to the bone and fly Southwest whenever possible. I have a companion pass and Southwest CC, but I am now reconsidering my options.


Southwest - this is not a wise choice. There are a lot of loyal Southwest flyers out of SNA that are about to shift their loyalty to other airlines. 


Please reconsider your business decision. In the meantime I will be on Google Flights looking for nonstops to SFO. 



Not Happy


Re: Non stops between San Francisco and Orange County?

New Arrival

In my case, Southwest will lose my business to JetBlue out of Long Beach each time I have to fly to SFO. Shame on Southwest for phasing out direct flights from SNA to SFO. My flights were almost always full.