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Non transferable ticket

New Arrival

I purchased 2 round trip tickets and had to cancel because the dates just wouldn’t work for us anymore. I have the credit in my account but if I were to want to fly with another family member would I not be able to transfer that to them? The representative said no. But there’s just NO other way?!?! 


Re: Non transferable ticket

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, no. Tickets (and Travel Funds) are non-transferable. Southwest used to allow travel funds to be used by anyone, but they stopped that in 2011. 


The only other option you may have is to let the funds expire (one year from date you booked the original flight) and then contact Customer Relations. They may be able to reissue the funds as a Luv Voucher, usable by anyone (for flights only, no taxes or fees), and valid for 6 months from the date of issue. The fee for this is $100, which is deducted from the funds balance. 


Also, one small consideration: The funds now aren't actually "in your account," as Southwest doesn't do that. They are held under the original confirmation number for the flight(s) you cancelled. Make sure you don't lose that number -- you need it to apply the funds to a future booking


Hope this helps!