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Nonstop Hartford Vegas

Explorer C

We are loyal SW Customers I am the campanion pass for my husband thats how much we travel this route have been for 8 years 12 plus times a year and no many others that do the same. Third year in a row of reaching Campaign status but totally disappointed in SW for not choosing to bring back nonstop Hartford to Vegas - bad enough that you take it away during the winter but to disabolish it completely from the schedule now - and what ridicilious connections omg! Denver is the only good one! This flight was always sold out and not to mention you are the only airline in Hartford and the surrounding area that had a nonstop of such! Don't take it away add more monopolize on a good thing don't get rid of it! Please bring it back ASAP!


Re: Nonstop Hartford Vegas

Aviator A

Hope the recent schedule changes put this route back on the route map for you.