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Nonstop from Atl to Tpa - cancelled no optons

New Arrival

2nd flight on SW and its cancelled, sunny blue skies in Atlanta today.  no options - oh 24 hours from now. goodbye.  Not worth the extra price if they can't get me where I got to go. 


Re: Nonstop from Atl to Tpa - cancelled no optons

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear about your cancellation.


Weather where your plane is coming from could be the problem even if there are blue skies in ATL.


There is significant weather in the NYC   Florida,  DC  and other areas , too.


I'm afraid you're the victim of a combination of weather, planes being mostly full so it's hard to absorb cancelled passengers, and flying to a place that lots of people fly to on vacation.


Seats do open and close in these situations. My advice, keep checking the website in case a seat does open. I'd check every 5 minutes or so. If one opens up, use the SW cell app "chat function" to try to snag it. If the website allows you to rebook, that would be another option.


Good luck.