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Nonstop routes to/from Detroit?

Explorer C

Hi all. Huge SWA fan here and just moved to Detroit. I’m having a hard time finding a list of nonstop routes to/from Detroit. Can anyone help? 


Re: Nonstop routes to/from Detroit?

Aviator A



This page should give you what you want. Pick Detroit, and a list of all cities you can fly to from Detroit shows up. Nonstop cities are marked as non-stop.

Re: Nonstop routes to/from Detroit?

Aviator A

Here's the current list of nonstops from Detroit:20180826_081804.jpg


You can find this by going to the Southwest route map at

I prefer to use the list of view which can be selected just above the map. 


Some destinations may not have daily service and some may only be offered during certain months so use the Low Fare Calendar at to find flights.


Have fun traveling! 


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