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Nuna Rava Car Seat

Explorer C

We having upcoming travel where we need our toddlers car seat at the destination. We would like her to sit in the car seat on the plane. It is FAA approved but I wanted to be sure it fits on the plane. We have the Nuna Rava car seat. We are traveling on the Boeing 737-700 and 707-800 


Re: Nuna Rava Car Seat

Aviator A

If it's FAA approved, it will fit.


There are some Southwest car seat rules:



What about placement of the car seat onboard?

  • Car seats are allowed in window seats and middle seats (as long as it doesn’t impede the exit path of the Passenger in the window seat).
  • Car seats are never allowed in an exit row seat, in any aisle seat, or in a row directly forward or aft of an emergency exit row of seats.
  • While we recommend a car seat for a child less than 20 lbs faces the back of the plane and a child 20-40 lbs face forward, parents have ultimate discretion. "