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OAK to SNA Wanna Get Away Fares

New Arrival

Is anyone else noticing that Southwest almost appears to be getting away with the Wanna Get Away Fares between OAK to SNA?  And when they are offered, they are often $120 - $154 per leg - which means a flight can still cost over $300 when flying on a Tuesay to Wednesay (non weekend). Now that they are eliminating their SFO to SNA direct flight, they are forcing everyone to now fly out of OAK, but it will also cost you.  There is a OAK to Long Beach option that is significantly cheaper but significantly less flight options and the times are not very good for business travel.  I am A List Preffered, but they are making it extremely difficult to keep my business.


Re: OAK to SNA Wanna Get Away Fares

New Arrival

Fully agree. SWA just launched another promotion and the ONLY airport that is not included is SNA. They did this a few years ago as well and it just became too expensive to fly them. May have to switch to Alaska and American which is a bummer.