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On hold with customer service forever

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Well, where to start.  I had a 5:00 pm flight which was perfect, due to our 4 hour drive to get to the airport.  However, without warning, Southwest, changed our flight to 10:00 A.M.  Meaning, I need to get my family of 5, up and out by 4:00 am to make a flight at 10:00.  I have tried to change it back on line which of course I am unable to do.  So instead I have been on hold for over 40 minutes thus far, and still on hold.  Does anyone work at Southwest on the phone lines?  How do they get away with leaving paying customers on hold?  


Re: On hold with customer service forever

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@ntbadel I have experienced the same issues you are currently living through. My best advice to you is take a deep breath and be as kind as possible to the SW employee you speak to. I can imagine how frustrated you must feel especially now that it is impacting your family. Trust me... being kind, but disappointed will get you farther then just being irate and angry. 


Also, if you have Twitter, send them a DM. My experience has always been stellar, and I am responded to within minutes. 


Good luck to you, and hope you get to your destination without anymore issues. 

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Re: On hold with customer service forever

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I've also had much better luck using the chat function within the mobile app. Chat or Twitter seem to be the best bets.

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